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Our Little A

1947 Farmall A wearing a First Prize ribbon
Ken Roffel

Growing up on a small mixed farm in Southern Ontario near Denfield gave me hours of enjoyment working with International Harvester equipment.

Our Little A was a genuine workhorse around the farm. It did not matter what chores needed to be completed, the thought of sitting on that tractor mowing the fields of local hay or raking with it made me anxious to get out of the barn and onto the fields.

That tractor stood proud in the heat of a summer day and just as ready to fire on a cold December day pulling the manure spreader after cleaning out the gutters.

Later on as I gained more experience (age 12) our 1951 Farmall M was King. Boy, do I ever recall putting it into high-gear, pulling back on the throttle and blasting down the road with a wagon load of freshly picked corn. The Big M became my Sports Car. It was the real workhorse of our 350 acres. Plowing, disking and baling was the strength of the M until it was time in the early sixties to upgrade to the IH 806 Diesel.

As the tractors got bigger, so did our commitment to the land. We planted and harvested day and night and the power of choice was always International.

I am attaching a photo of my 1947 Farmall A wearing a First Prize ribbon recently won in Fort Langley, BC  My career after growing up on the farm was in Radio. And it was during those days of spinning records that I thought how much fun it would be to restore old Farmall tractors and bring smiles to everyone who understood how important this great company was in the early development of today’s modern farms.

Our home is in Langley a suburb of Vancouver. My family still lives in Ontario and my membership in the IH Collectors club is included in both Chapters 20 and Chapter 30. Unfortunately there is not an IH Collectors Club in BC and I hope that one day there will be.

In the meantime, I enjoy being part of both Chapters and wanted to share my story with you.  Keep up the wonderful work and I hope one day to meet some of you as we swap stories about the life and times of Cyrus McCormick and the legacy he created.
Ken Roffel