Club Directors and Advisors

Remember each year the terms of 3 directors come up for election. If you are considering becoming a director please contact one of the current directors.

Nominations proceedings are held at our meeting at our Summer Show each year. If we have more than 3 nominees willing to stand then we hold a mail in ballot election. Please consider becoming a director!

2020 Executive Team
President – Ken Tosh 519-837-1625
1st Vice President – George Watson 519-856-4983
2nd Vice President – Tom Laird 519-243-2043
Treasurer – Jim Cox 519-469-3338
Secretary – Brooke Switzer  519-820-7457
Membership Chairman – Tom Laird 519-243-2043

2020 Directors
Alex Bosley
William Eccles
Don MacPherson
Dennis Procter
Kris Switzer

2020 Advisors:
Tim Anderson
Jim Cox
Ray Leng
George Robinson